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How to Play

The object of Tylogram is to form as many words as you can from the eight letters in the grid, and to arrange the tiles in such a way as to maximize the point values of your words.

Form words by tapping or clicking the tiles, or by typing from your keyboard. Every word you form must include the shaded anchor letter.

Your score is calculated based on the position of each letter in the grid. Change letter values by sliding tiles to new positions. You can swipe or use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Tile values affect your entire word list, so as you slide tiles your score may go up or down.

The anchor letter is always worth 0 points, no matter its position in the grid. A tile on the ★ square is also worth 0.

A pangram, which uses all eight letters at least once, is worth double the points.

Only valid English words are accepted. Hyphenated words or words that have meaning only as part of a multiword phrase are not accepted.

Proper nouns and adjectives are not accepted, unless they have a common sense that is uncapitalized. Foreign words are not accepted unless they have been adopted into English.

Some puzzles include a bonus question with one or more answers. Finding all the bonus answers is worth 120 points.

Your goal is to meet or even surpass our score for each puzzle. Good luck!

Current Puzzle

October 19, 2021
Our Score:  697 pts

Upcoming Puzzle

October 22, 2021

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